by jenniek06

I figure I should keep myself honest about my birthday to-do list, so every couple weeks I’ll revisit the list and share where I’m at.

I didn’t do this last week because, to be honest, I was a portrait of unhealthy living over the holidays. Think lots of beer, wine, cheese, and cookies. There was no schedule. No exercising. No planning. Nothing. I am pretty sure I had wine-mouth for three days straight.

But that’s over now. Back to reality. My mind and body, specifically my ass and my liver, are incredibly grateful.

Anyway, I’m back on track now so hopefully I can keep this thing moving along.

The List:

1. Learn to sew

Santa (read: my amazing mother) brought me a bitchin’ Husqvarna sewing machine for Christmas. It’s gorgeous and I can hardly wait to really get my hands on it.

I bought an online class from Home Ec because as much as I would love to hang out with the gals at JoAnn’s, adding something else to my calendar right now is just not going to happen. Rachel, one of the creators of the class, has a blog that I’ve read for the past year and her projects are things I can actually see myself using. She’s also got an adorable family and a keen eye for fashion. Gal’s put together. Check her out.

2. Roast a chicken

Not even on my radar right now. The many social engagements of last month have driven a wedge between me, my couch and a book. I’ll be rekindling that flame before I start to roast anything.

3. Read five books

Currently working on two.

  • Born to Run: “A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Ever Seen” by Christopher McDougall
  • Copywriting: “Successful writing for design, advertising, and marketing” by Mark Shaw.

They’re both a mouthful. They’re also both incredible so far. I’ll share more next week.

4. Publish four articles

Ha. Nope.

5. Perfect my granola

Granola ingredients are expensive. I’m giving my wallet a post-Christmas recovery.

6. Get back into my yoga practice

I reintroduced myself to my yoga mat last night. Any smart person would have probably eased back in with a Yin or Slow Flow class, but not this girl—I went straight for an hour-and-a-half Vinyasa class.

My entire body hurts. Muscles that I completely forgot I had have resurfaced and are demanding attention. But it’s good. It’s a good pain.

7. Complete a mile-a-day challenge

It’s so cold in the D. I need a little less ice and a little more daylight for this.

8. Discover a new place on a road trip


9. Restore typewriters

I’m struggling to get a hold of someone who knows how to restore these bad-dads. I called and emailed a place in the city, but nobody has gotten back to me and that was weeks ago. I’ll keep hunting, but suggestions are welcomed.

10. Give back

Well I dropped off a bunch of stuff to The Salvation Army, but that isn’t really the idea, so this needs some work.

So that was long-winded. I promise that as I start to really knock some of these things off the list, recapping them will be far more interesting.

But it was Christmas. And then the New Year. I’m out of big holidays to blame now…unless I throw a rager for MLK Jr. Day, which is actually not a bad idea.