Jumping Fences

Month: January, 2013


The Internet is full of wonderful things. These were some of my favorites this week.

▪  I’ve got a few bananas that are looking pretty sad. I think this Banana Bread Beer Muffin recipe will perk them right up.

▪  Love the simplicity of this outfit. Classic blues and a red lip.

▪  Last night I bought the ingredients for my continued attempt at perfect granola. I’m using this recipe as a base, but tweaking it slightly in hopes of getting more clumpy goodness.

▪  Holy adorable. This mug would cure a mad case of the cranks any morning.

▪  Sweet Jesus. This is phenomenal news.

▪  Celebrities reading mean tweets. Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel.

▪  Happy 125th  birthday, National Geographic. You’re truly amazing.



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love drunk.

I need a Ruffled intervention. A Rufflevention?

Am I engaged? No. Am I anywhere near being engaged? Not really. Am I some sort of wedding planner? God, I wish.

Even with the facts being what they are, I am infatuated with weddings. I love them. I don’t even have to know you and I probably think your wedding is super rad.

You know what else I love? Anything homemade.

You made your own flower arrangements? And sewed the bunting for the chuppah that your great-grandfather built with his bare hands? Oh and hey, you and your bridesmaids baked 400 red velvet cupcakes for the reception? YES, I WANT TO BE BEST FRIENDS.

So, back to Ruffled. Ruffled is a wedding blog that features beautiful weddings, as well as inspiration for the big day, DIY ideas and even a Recycle Your Wedding section where readers can sell anything from bridesmaids dresses and wedding gowns, to table settings and photo booth props.

While skimming a few posts over breakfast, I found  Stacy and Teal’s waterside Washington wedding. It’s bananas how beautiful it is. Her dress, the location, the decor, the fact that they look absolutely over the moon for each other; all of it. It’s gorgeous.

photo credit: Mastin Studio

photo credit: Mastin Studio <—check that dude out. be careful not to drool on the keyboard.


I have no point of reference for such unbelievable pain. I have no idea, if in a similar situation, if I would be able to forgive the person who took away my loved one.

All of that aside, it’s an incredibly powerful story that opens a conversation about our legal system and the power of forgiveness.



I figure I should keep myself honest about my birthday to-do list, so every couple weeks I’ll revisit the list and share where I’m at.

I didn’t do this last week because, to be honest, I was a portrait of unhealthy living over the holidays. Think lots of beer, wine, cheese, and cookies. There was no schedule. No exercising. No planning. Nothing. I am pretty sure I had wine-mouth for three days straight.

But that’s over now. Back to reality. My mind and body, specifically my ass and my liver, are incredibly grateful.

Anyway, I’m back on track now so hopefully I can keep this thing moving along.

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I love the feeling of a fresh start. Whether it is a birthday, new job, change in season, or the start of a brand new year, I really enjoy the limitless feeling that comes with every “first.” I am easily bored when life falls into a mundane routine, so the excitement of something new is almost always welcomed. 

Since I already made the list of things I’m determined to accomplish before reaching my quarter century, I felt a little stumped as far as New Year’s resolutions go. I’ve got a lot on my plate to finish before April, but I hate the idea of not marking this beginning with some kind of pledge.

So this year, my resolution is to fully commit to blogging. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to turn my love of writing into a career, but in order to continue growing and exploring my passion, I need interaction. I want to share my ideas and interests with others and get their take on things, too. I want to be apart of the community that I’ve drooled over for years. I want to contribute.

2012 was a seriously amazing year. I’m ready to make 2013 just awesome.


Maxwell was super excited about being my kiss at midnight.