ho ho ho.

by jenniek06

I am in love with my Christmas tree.

I mean, come on. Look at this friend.


It is seriously amazing. It’s my first real tree, which means I have already spent countless hours sitting in front of it, giggling like a child. I’m a woman obsessed.

Growing up, my dad was a big fan with vacuum lines and soft scrub. A real tree with real dirt and the potential to shed needles on his plush, white carpet was laughable. We had a pretty realistic faux tree, but still, not the same.

This year, Eric decided we’d get a tree for the apartment. We drove to a few local tree farms, and eventually found the most adorable, wonderful Douglass Fir. Sure, it was about a foot taller than he had originally bargained for, but we both were tree-drunk. It had to be ours.

Once the tree was in the house, I pretty much went bananas and turned the living room into my own little Christmas oasis. Lots of cutting and sewing and stringing.

Lucky for me, Eric is just as excited about Christmas as I am and Maxwell has yet to pee on the tree or whack it with his happy tail – so it’s been a pretty incredible December.

Here’s a peek at the rest of the hilarity.


My first attempt at embroidery.


An eight-year Hallmark veteran, I do all the wrapping and Eric makes gift tags.


A better look at the paper flags I made to hang on all the windows.

And lastly, my favorite of the bunch.


There is entirely too much adorable in this photo. It kills me.

Merry, merry holidays to you and yours.